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“Pseudoscience” or Reality

I was reminded by a fellow Animal Communicator yesterday of something that I had forgotten about. It was a series of programmes screened by BBC3 called Bullshit Detectives. The person behind these programmes was making it his crusade to expose so called frauds, namely holistic therapists, healers, psychics, mediums, animal communicators, homoeopaths, and herbalists to name but a few.
I recall watching an episode of this programme when it was first aired. I had forgotten how it had made me feel. I made the mistake of watching some of the clips that are still around on Youtube again yesterday.
It made me feel sad. Sad that people can’t just live and let live, sad that there are some people out there who feel that they must prove that we are all frauds, despite evidence to the contrary.
Instead of putting so much energy into disproving what we do, why not put a load of effort into proving what we do. What are they scared of? Scared that the so called “pseudoscience” may in fact be correct. I mean let’s face it, Albert Einstein discovered this so called “pseudoscience” are they saying that he was a fraud too?
Yesterday, part of me felt like just giving up. What if they’re right, what if I am just a fraud, and imagining that I hear animals communicate with me, see images, and feel their feelings. What if I am actually mad??
We were once accused on live radio of ripping people off, taking money from the weak and vulnerable. So, maybe they are right. Maybe we should all just pack up and go home!!
HANG ON A MINUTE, WHAT AM I SAYING. Don’t be ridiculous, of course we shouldn’t all pack up and go home. Because we all help so many people out there. I can’t tell you how many testimonials we have for our work with animals, how happy the people have been when we’ve resolved problems using “pseudoscience”, not to mention how happy the animals have been.
So, I’m not going to allow the sceptics out there to weaken me, on the contrary, I’m going to use their scepticism to make me stronger in my resolve to carry on. There is far too much anecdotal evidence out there, not to mention the growing numbers of controlled scientific evidence based experiments, to be ignored anymore.
If these are the modern day witch hunts, bring them on. We dare you!!