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“Pseudoscience” or Reality

I was reminded by a fellow Animal Communicator yesterday of something that I had forgotten about. It was a series of programmes screened by BBC3 called Bullshit Detectives. The person behind these programmes was making it his crusade to expose so called frauds, namely holistic therapists, healers, psychics, mediums, animal communicators, homoeopaths, and herbalists to name but a few.
I recall watching an episode of this programme when it was first aired. I had forgotten how it had made me feel. I made the mistake of watching some of the clips that are still around on Youtube again yesterday.
It made me feel sad. Sad that people can’t just live and let live, sad that there are some people out there who feel that they must prove that we are all frauds, despite evidence to the contrary.
Instead of putting so much energy into disproving what we do, why not put a load of effort into proving what we do. What are they scared of? Scared that the so called “pseudoscience” may in fact be correct. I mean let’s face it, Albert Einstein discovered this so called “pseudoscience” are they saying that he was a fraud too?
Yesterday, part of me felt like just giving up. What if they’re right, what if I am just a fraud, and imagining that I hear animals communicate with me, see images, and feel their feelings. What if I am actually mad??
We were once accused on live radio of ripping people off, taking money from the weak and vulnerable. So, maybe they are right. Maybe we should all just pack up and go home!!
HANG ON A MINUTE, WHAT AM I SAYING. Don’t be ridiculous, of course we shouldn’t all pack up and go home. Because we all help so many people out there. I can’t tell you how many testimonials we have for our work with animals, how happy the people have been when we’ve resolved problems using “pseudoscience”, not to mention how happy the animals have been.
So, I’m not going to allow the sceptics out there to weaken me, on the contrary, I’m going to use their scepticism to make me stronger in my resolve to carry on. There is far too much anecdotal evidence out there, not to mention the growing numbers of controlled scientific evidence based experiments, to be ignored anymore.
If these are the modern day witch hunts, bring them on. We dare you!!


Benson Downs-Reid. Our very wise Shih Tzu. Who has helped us to improve our intuitive communication with animals. Benson is one of our shining stars in the Animal Matters Teaching Team.

I asked my Shih-Tzu Benson for a message to give to our Advanced Animal Communication students. This is what he channelled to me:

“I have been waiting for the opportunity to talk to you about this for a very long time.
We are here because we choose to be. We have been spiritual long before man even understood the meaning of the word. We have come to show you the way, to enlighten you, and to help you. All beings on earth are equal, and everything in the universe is inter-connected. Humans are only beginning to realise this now; this has been so since the beginning of time.
Animal Communication is the everyday way to learn about Quantum Physics, we are all Quantum Physics in action. People need to look deep into their soul to find their truth. We animals have come to help you do this.
There is nothing that moves the human heart more than watching animals and nature go about their daily business, it is all so natural and uncomplicated. If you care to look, you will see how your life should be. If you observe us closely, you will learn about the important things in life. We do what we need to do and then move on, we don’t dwell on the things that happen in our world, we love the simple things in life, you should too. If you watched us and learned from what we do, your human world would be so much simpler, and life so much easier.
We are your equals, by treating us as anything less, you are devaluing yourselves, you are refusing to acknowledge the inter-connectedness of all living things. We have much to learn from each other. We are ready and willing, but are some of you?
Elaine: “How do we get ready and willing?”
Benson: “Open your heart and open your ears. Use your heart as your guidance system. When you hear things all around you during the day, ask your heart what is true from all that information. Keep what feels true close to you, discard the rest.
Don’t be afraid to follow your intuition. We animals know intuitively the difference between right and wrong, and we act on it. Humans generally do not do this, as their ego gets in the way and takes control.

If you all listen to yourselves, your heart, your intuition, you will not go far wrong. Do not worry about what others say or do – they are not you. Be true to yourself only. When you observe animals, you will see that we do what we want or need to do at any given time. We do not worry about what others say and think, we just act. Watch us, and you’ll see how it’s done.

FEAR IS A KILLER. Do not allow fear to stifle the light within you that is really you. Sometimes we animals know fear, but, we quickly come back into balance. Humans need to learn about balance. You are not very good at that, are you? Generally just careering along without any thought for the consequences.
Mother Nature generally has to bring back her own balance, which is not always pleasant for humans. If you all lived your lives with more consideration for every other living thing around you, Mother Nature would not need to be so extreme in re-balancing the planet. We animals, domestic and wild, work with Mother Nature all the time, as we are part of her, as are you.

Which brings us to our next job, of healing. We spend much of our life trying to help heal humans. This is necessary, as they do not “live in the now”. You all spend so much time worrying about materialism and things you can’t change, whether in the past or the future. You can make your own future, your own day, by your thoughts and your actions. Try to be more positive – be grateful for the good things in your lives, then focus on those. The more you focus on the good, the more grateful you are, and the more good things will happen, then our need to heal you may not be as great.

We love and respect you all for who you are. Please do the same for us. We do not judge you, we allow you to make mistakes. We don’t hold it against you – after all you’re only human. Try doing that with all your animals and your human friends, and see how you feel, and how they feel.

We all have so much to teach and you all have so much to learn. That’s all for now. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak to you. Please pass this message on to all those who will listen.

Au Revoir!!! I will speak with you again in the future.”



Tot the Sheepdog. Who is a very clever teacher indeed. One of Sue Reid and Elaine Downs of Animal Matters clients.        client
We attended a Social Media Course at the weekend which was held on a friend’s sheep farm. I know, a strange place to hold a Social Media Workshop, at least it wasn’t held in a field. It was actually held in a fabulous building on the farm called Shepherds Barn.
Anyway I digress. Whilst we were there we met our friend Michelle’s fabulous Sheep Dog who is called Tot. We were very excited to meet Tot as although we have worked with him telepathically several times, this was the first time we had actually met him in the flesh so to speak!! At the end of the day, we were all sat around the table chatting when Michelle told us the story of how Justine (our Social Media Instructor for the day) had tried to get Tot to herd some sheep for her. Justine had given him the commands and Tot ignored her, so Justine tried again, and again Tot ignore her. At this point Michelle said to Justine “Tot is taking the mickey out of you, give the command like you mean it.” So Justine tried once more unsuccessfully, again Michelle said, “He’s really taking the mickey now!” At his point Justine really put some authority into her voice and Tot did as he was asked.
This conversation started me thinking. Quite often we are so quick to think the negative of our animal’s actions, me included sometimes! What was Tot really doing? Was he taking the mickey, or was he not reacting because he wasn’t used to working with Justine, or was it that Tot was teaching Justine to step into her own power and use authority in her voice when the situation calls for it. I’ll let you decide. But, my point is that we should stop and think before assuming that our dogs are acting in a negative way. They may simply be trying to show or teach us something. Thank you Tot.