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The Tail of the Snooty Kitty

Recently we worked with a cat, Fussy by name and nature, who had totally removed herself from the family. Her human Mum had gone and acquired a totally unncecessary very bouncy Collie puppy, without so much as a “Do you mind….?” and Fussy did mind, she minded a lot. So much so that two weeks ago she had taken  herself off to the top floor bedroom and only came out for absolute essentials. Her Mum, who loved her dearly and wouldn’t have hurt her for the world, was heartbroken.

“What am I going to do? I can’t let her go on like this  – but I can’t send puppy back either!  Would you ask her what I can do to put things right?”

We asked her. She was very hurt, and very lonely. She told us she missed her “girl time” with her Mum, watching her get ready to go out or having cudddles on the sofa. “But I won’t come down while he’s there – he doesn’t understand girl stuff. And he has absolutely no manners!”

She eventually agreed that if she sent her Mum a telepathic message that she wanted Puppy put in his crate, Mum would sort that  out and then she would come down and have her “girl time” with Mum, uninterrupted.

Mum had done a course in Telepathic Animal Communication and she knew she could communicate with Fussy, she just didn’t trust herself to get it right.

We passed Fussy’s request  on to her Mum. Three hours later we received an ecstatic text.

“It worked!! I just got the feeling I needed to put Puppy in his crate – and I’d no sooner done it than Fussy walked in and jumped straight up on the sofa beside me!”

One happy cat – and, soon after, one  big happy family.