I am so excited to tell you all about the very first International Animal Communication and Animal Healing Conference that we, Elaine Downs and Sue Reid of Animal Matters, together with Julie Lines of Voice of the Animals have organised. It is called “Awakening To Animals – Bridging New Science and Animal Spirituality”
The conference is being held at the Low Wood Bay Hotel, Ambleside Road, Windermere, Lake District, Cumbria, on the 17th/18th March 2012.
The conference’s overall theme is “Equality for All Life”. Its aim is to explore the latest developments in scientific understanding and spirituality, centered around animals.
Don’t worry it isn’t going to be a boring dry type of conference. Not when we have speakers like, Amelia Kinkade, International Animal Communicator, Linda Tucker, Founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, Margrit Coates, world renowned animal healer and communicator, and Richard DeBoo, Co-Founder of the Animals Count Political Party, to name but a few.
These amazing presenters are going to be talking about their latest work and research around the central theme of “Equality For All Life”. They will also be talking about and demonstrating by the content of their presentations, their understanding of Quantum Physics and animal spirituality in relation to animal communication, animal healing, animal intelligence, and animal emotions.
Julie, Sue and I intend this to be the first conference of this kind. We will be organising one on an annual basis.
I don’t want to say too much more at this stage, except to say that tickets are selling fast. So, if I have whet your appetite, please visit our conference website at: and buy your ticket now. I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed. It is going to be a fabulous weekend in beautiful high class surroundings with like minded animal lovers just like you. Visit our website for the "Awakening To Animals" Conference. Organised by Elaine Downs and Sue Reid of Animal Matters, and Julie Lines of Voice Of The Animals.

One response to “The-First-International-Telepathic-Animal-Communication-and-Animal-Healing-Conference

  1. Invitation to create Global Animal Healing grid, June 20, via teleconference.

    You are warmly invited to participate in creating the Global Animal Healing grid vía Tele-Conference June 20, 2012. This is a FREE, LIVE Energy Healing for the Planet’s Animals and Bringing Consciousness to Humans for More Humane and Ethical Treatment of Animals WORLDWIDE. See full announcement at in “Breaking News 6/8/12” to see details how to register and also get free access later to the recorded call.

    In the spirit of helping animals worldwide I am sharing this information with you. My life has been dedicated to finding the best and most innovative solutions for our planet’s biggest challenges and this new project fits right in. Following are some supporting comments by community leaders and news media just to offer some background instead of a bio, for example:

    1. 4/11/11 Praised by rivals, ‘UFO Guy’ fights for relevance in Denver mayor’s race – Fox – 31 KDVR [My candidacy for Mayor of Denver 2011]

    “At the forum Tuesday, sponsored by environmental groups and focusing on conservation and sustainability, many of the candidates referred to Peckman’s intelligence, some even asking to give their answers to questions before he did so as not to look less thoughtful by comparison when going after.

    …The following night, Peckman was not present at a “Candidate Survivor” forum organized by New Era Colorado that included the six candidates most often grouped as the “serious” or “viable” candidates in the field. At the end of that forum, the six candidates were each asked which of their competitors they would vote for if not themselves…the other five candidates to follow all gave the same answer — all five said they would vote for Peckman.”

    “On Saturday at yet another candidate forum, this one including all 10 candidates, six of them picked Peckman when asked which one of them would be the most successful candidate to appear on the quiz show ‘Jeopardy!’ ”
    2. 6/7/08 Rocky Mountain News – Major profile story:

    Excerpt: “In person, Peckman looks and sounds like your favorite college professor, the one who could get the whole class debating novel solutions to the world’s problems.”

    Best wishes for success in your important work.

    Highest regards,

    Jeff Peckman

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