The Tail of the Traumatised pony

A few weeks ago, we were asked by a friend of ours, who also happens to be the Practice Manager at our local vets, to call up to the stables where her two beautiful ponies, Tiny and Niggy live.

She told us how a little while ago, some children had broken into Tiny and Niggy’s stable one night, and as a result of this Tiny was extremely traumatised. The lady told us that Tiny won’t approach her anymore, and when he comes in from the field at night he walks behind her and not up to her as he used to do before this incident. She also said that now when she goes to his stable door Tiny backs away from her and turns to stand facing the fat corner. The lady finds this extremely upsetting, as before the incident, Tiny would always approach her, whether that was outside or inside his stable. She realised as a result of Tiny’s changed behaviour how traumatised he was.

We stood near the boys stable as they were brought in for the night, and just as she had told us, Tiny gave us all a wide berth and walked into the stable behind her. Once he had gone into his stable, he headed straight for the far corner and wouldn’t come near us. Niggy on the other hand didn’t seem bothered, he was much more interested in what food we had for him!!

So, I stood just outside of Tiny’s stable door and sent him some Reiki healing, whilst he told me a little bit about what had gone on the night the stable was broken into, and also about his aches and pains, and his dislike of the garlic that his mother insisted on putting in his feed bucket!! (His words not mine).

As I was doing this, Sue was sat on the floor just inside the stable door, holding a carrot and some mints for Tiny to take as he felt like it. It took a while but, eventually Tiny decided that the carrots and mints were a good idea after all, better than that garlic!!

At the same time as feeding Tiny treats, Sue was also quietly doing some Hopponopono (an ancient form of Hawaiin healing).

After about an hour, we decided that we’d done enough for one day, and as we started to close Tiny’s stable door, he approached it for the first time in about two weeks, and I felt a huge feeling of fear and sadness, so much so that it brought tears to my eyes.

But, rather than thinking that this was Tiny letting me know how he was still feeling, something inside me knew that this was Tiny actually releasing those feelings which he’d had pent up inside him since the incident.

A couple of days later I got a phone call from Tiny’s person, who proceeded to tell me that he was virtually back to normal. He would approach her when he left the field, he didn’t stand facing the corner of the stable anymore, and he would approach the stable door when she came up to the door. She was so happy that she had her little Shetland pony back, and she told me yesterday that he was getting better and better everyday.

Thank you Tiny for allowing us to help you.

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